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I reviewed the Oceanography course at Chaffey College.  The mission of Chaffey College is to prepare young adults to take their places in our society.  Part of that activity is to assist them in preparing for higher education for selecting a career. Another function is to help them understand the planet that sustains them and how to take care of it.


The Oceanography course does all of these.  It helps the students discover the principles that govern the ocean climate, seasons, tidal flows, winds and currents.  It identifies the damage that has been done to the world’s oceans and the measures that must be taken to prevent further damage.


This course is transferable to Cal State and the University of Calif. During this course further studies in this field are identified and discussed.  Effort is expended in finding and using web sites associated with Oceanography.  Field trips for this course are designed to both emphasize the principles of Oceanography and to identify possible careers in this field.


The labs for this course are set up to give the students “hands on” experience applications of Oceanography and to motivate them to increase their knowledge of the planet as well as possible careers in this science.  These labs closely follow the general course work and are used to reinforce and demonstrate the lessons taught.  This is “guided discovery.”


One of the most important things this course offers is presentation by professionals in the field of Oceanography.  These professionals give the students clear knowledge and understanding of the requirements for and rewards of a career in this field.  This course clearly meets the college’s expected school wide learning results.



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