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EVOC 508/09/10 In Service


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PURPOSE:  To acquaint Chaffey Geology Staff with educational and occupational opportunities in Oceanography.


Introduction:  The mission of Chaffey College is to prepare students to succeed in their futures, to prepare them for the work world.  This In Service will give the Instructors in the Geology Department a keen and greater insight into the opportunities available in Oceanography.  This In Service will closely support that mission.







0600 – Assemble at Chaffey College parking lot


0630 – Depart for Scripps Institute


0800 - Arrive at Scripps Institute.  Instructor/Escorts from Scripps will meet instructors.


0800 – 1200 - Guided tour of facilities, with concentration on labs, equipment, and instruction methods.


1200 – 1300 – Lunch. Guest speaker will present the latest techniques in ocean research.


1300 – 1700 – Workshops in various areas, including latest technologies, advancement in equipments, advanced degree opportunities, and employment opportunities.


1900 – Dinner. Guest speaker will present opportunities in the armed services, highlighting the Navy and Coast Guard.




0800 – Breakfast


0900 – 1300 – Voyage to sea for demonstration of sea borne classes.  Instructors participate in hands on use of equipment and facilities.


1300 – Lunch aboard.  Open discussion of endangered sea species.


1400 - 1600 – Return to shore. More demonstration and practice by Chaffey Instructors.


1600 – Depart for Chaffey


1800 – Arrive at Chaffey parking lot and dismiss.



BUDGEt (for seven participants & two escorts):



  1. Bus travel



  1. Food



  1. Housing



  1. Salaries for hosts




Total: $2240.00


































































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