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Geology Department

Chaffey College


To:††††††† Department Instructors

From:††† Department Head

CC:†††††† Dean of Physical Science Group

Date:†††† 6/6/2003

Re:††††††† Reduction in Funding for the Department

Chaffey College has received a significant decrease in funding as a result of the Governorís fiasco in dealing with the energy crisis and the resultant budget deficit.This has resulted in the reduction of courses and the closing of some facilities this summer.While this decrease doesnít significantly effect the Department this summer, it will have a major impact this fall.

The Departmentís budget will be reduced by 50%.In order to be fair to all parties and to preserve the most important parts of the program, a special meeting of all department Instructor Has been scheduled for June 3, 2003.The purpose of this meeting is to:

1.       Determine how to best serve the students with the funds available.

2.       Determine how to best preserve the continuity and effectiveness of the department

3.       Determine how to cause the least impact on the Instructors.

4.       Determine how best to proceed with the cuts.

Many avenues of cost reduction, such as eliminating field trips and labs are available, but these may not be enough.The Department needs your help in resolving this major problem.Please be present at the meeting with your ideas and suggestions.Innovative workable solutions will behighly prized





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