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TO: Donna Shea
FROM: Rick Little
DATE: February 12, 2003

RE: Sat 502/3, Rick Little, SA2

Here is my list of education related web sites:

SITE #1 - Career & Technical Teacher Education

This site provides lots of specific information about credential and degree options in the Career and Technical Teacher Education Program at California State University, San Bernardino. There is also information about program faculty members, cost, how to sign up for courses, a projected schedule of courses to be offered over the next two years and a list of institutions (with hot links) where program graduates have found jobs.

This site contains excellent information for educators about the space program.  It invites educators to participate in the future of space education and its uses.  It has a program oriented to the K-12 level.

This is an extensive site, which list over 12,000 sources of information for educators. It has sample lesson plans, classroom tools and tips, projects, and standards for educators.  It has a section for K-12, which is divided into subsections for primary, elementary, intermediate and high school levels.  These contain information on math, science, language, and art appropriate to those levels.

This is a site that provides information for persons evolved in teaching in the marine sciences.

This site has information for the use of computers in education.

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