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TO: EVOC 503 Instructor
FROM: Rick Little
DATE: March 8, 2003
RE: 503, WA3, Little

The purpose of EVOC 503 WA3 was to prepare a Pre Course Survey instrument for the course I might instruct in Oceanography. The following six criteria were specified:

1.     Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

2.     Develop a "Pre Course Survey" for a particular course. The survey instrument should not be more than 1 page (typewritten or word processed).

3.     The survey should be designed so that students are required to actually write answers to specific questions and have enough room on the form to write their answers.

4.     Include questions on the survey that begin with words like "how," "what" and "why."

5.     Avoid questions that suggest the expected answer and questions that can be answered by single words such as "yes" or "no."

6.     On the cover memo (see #1 above) indicate and briefly describe at least one specific resource from which additional information about student surveys can be obtained.

The following sources of information were used relative to this assignment:

1.     Little, Rick - From my own professional experience.

2.     Lowman, Judy - Chaffey College Instructor

I believe that the attached proposal meets all six of above listed criteria and respectfully request full credit: one point for meeting each of the above listed criteria.





Introduction to Oceanography


Please neatly print an answer to each of the following questions in the space provided immediately below each question:

1.     What is your first, middle and last name?

2.     How did you first become interested in Oceanography?

3.     What is your favorite science subject? (Explain why it is your favorite.)

4.     What is your favorite class? (Explain why it is your favorite.)

5.      Why do you want to learn about Oceanography?

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