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TO: EVOC 502 Instructor
FROM: Rick Little
DATE: February 28,2003
RE: 502, WA4, Little

The purpose of EVOC 502 WA4 was to prepare a "to scale" floor plan of the room in which I teach the "lecture" part of my course in Introduction to Oceanography. The following six criteria were specified:

1.      Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

2.      Draw a floor plan to scale on a personal computer). Typically two pixels would represent one foot, but can be assigned any value that would result in a "to scale" drawing that will fit onto one page.

3.      Include the overall dimensions of at least one room in the drawing and accurately indicate the location of all doors, windows and other permanently mounted fixtures. Be sure to include information about electrical, telephone and Internet connections as well as information about lighting, plumbing, flooring and walls.

4.      Provide Information about equipment (desks, chairs and/or other special equipment) that will be housed in the facility. Make sure to allow for appropriate space needed for student use. Neatly print appropriate information on the actual drawing.

5.      Insure that the drawing is done in a professional manner and that everything included in the drawing is drawn to scale. If drawing on graph paper, use a ruler to make straight lines.

6.      Indicate the maximum number of students that the room can accommodate and insure that the drawing conveys accurate information that represents what the room should (or does) actually look like.

The following sources of information were used relative to this assignment:

1.      Little, Rick - From my own professional experience.

2.      Lowman, Judy - Geology Instructor

I believe that the attached floor plan meets all six of above listed criteria and respectfully request full credit: one point for meeting each of the above listed criteria.


Oceanography Classroom This 30' by 40' classroom is intended to accommodate twenty-five students. There are five rows of 3' by 3' student stations and twenty-five 18" by 18" student chairs. There is one 6' by 3' instructor station (with no chair), two sinks with hot and cold water, and a 12' by 4' wall mounted chalkboard. There are three 3' doors, that opens out as shown and there are no windows. There are eight 110v electrical outlets (located around the room). The room is illuminated by five ceiling mounted 4' fluorescent fixtures with the light switch just inside the door. There is a telephone and provision for Internet access in the adjacent office. The room is provided with central heating and air conditioning that can be adjusted by a thermostat located next to the light switch. The floor is covered by linoleum tiles. The walls and ceiling are painted light green. The floor plan (below) is drawn to scale



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