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TO: EVOC 503 Instructor
FROM: Rick Little
DATE: March 8, 2003
RE: 503, WA5, Little

The purpose of EVOC 503 WA5 was to prepare a Letter of Recommendation as if I were the person asked to write the letter. The following six criteria were specified:

1.      Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

2.      Provide the real name and title of a person whom you might ask for a letter of recommendation from.

The person I selected was Dr. Joe Scarcella, my ETEC Instructor from Cal; State in San Bernardino, California.

3.      Write the letter of recommendation as if you are the person indicated in #2 above.

4.      Limit the letter to not more than ONE PAGE in a standard business format. Do NOT refer to anyone in the letter by only his or her first name.

5.      Include explicit information about who you (the letter writer) are and the circumstances under which you know the person (yourself) for whom the letter is being written.

6.      Include specific information about the best qualities (only) of the person for whom the letter is being written.

The following sources of information were used relative to this assignment:

1.      Little, Rick - From my own professional experience.

2.      Pendleton, Ron - Cal State Instructor

I believe that the attached proposal meets all six of above listed criteria and respectfully request full credit: one point for meeting each of the above listed criteria.





Dr. , Dean
School of Education
California State University
5500 University Parkway.
San Bernardino, CA 92415

March 10, 2003

Dear Dr.,

I am a graduate student at California State University, San Bernardino.  I am currently enrolled in Vocational Education and the Master's Program in Education.

The purpose of this letter is to commend Dr. Joe Scarcella for the excellent and very professional instruction that he presented in ETEXT 546 Computer Technology in Education. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems, and Dr. Scarcella's course covered the basics of six of 3-hour semester the courses covered in that degree. The thing that most impressed me was the amount of information that Dr. Scarcella covered and covered well in this ten-week period. Dr. Scarcella is a dynamic and interesting teacher. Dr. Scarcella was also very helpful in assisting me in selecting a direction of study. After determining that I was interested in teaching at the Junior College level, he explained what I needed to do in Vocational Education to start that program, and directed me to the right people to contact.

The professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication to helping people in education that Dr. Scarcella exemplifies reflect very highly on your fine institution.


Richard G. Little
1456 East Philadelphia Street, #144
Ontario, CA 91761-5736
(909) 947-5143

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