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Legal Homework - Responsible Parties

  1. Persons at Chaffey College responsible for the following:

    2.   Legislators

    3.   Letter

            May 20, 2003

            1456 East Philadelphia Street, #144
            Ontario, CA 91761

             Daily Bulletin
            2041 East 4th Street
            Ontario, CA 91764

             Re: Acker vs. city council

             I am really confused over this Acker situation.  Is she not the people’s elected
? Is this not a democracy, where the people elect other people to be
             their representatives?  Ms. Acker may be a genuine total “pain in the gazouch” to
             the “old boys club” of our city government, but did we not elect her? 

             Why do we bother having a city council? It appears that in a city manager form of
             government, the city manager really runs the government and the city council is only a
             rubber stamp.  The only thing they appear to do is appoint (hire/fire) the city manager
             and then step aside.  Are we really a representative form of government or have the
             civil service employees actually usurped the role of government?  Under a rather stupid
             interpretation, civil servants have “ownership” of their jobs under the 5th and 14th
Amendments, so they are in a position to ward off any attempt to direct, control, or
             admonish them. It appears to me that we have a dictatorship of the “non” elected civil
             service.  I certainly didn’t vote for any of them. 

             Further on this subject, is not the government supposed to be transparent?  What
             information is being withheld from Ms. Acker, and why? Or from any citizen for that
             matter?  Why are the names of the accusers being withheld? It appears to me that the
             city council and city manager ran all this behind “closed doors”, and have greatly
             curtailed Ms. Acker’s ability to represent the people who elected her.   Did the city
             council authorize the expenditure for the “secret” investigation?  If not, who did and
             under what authority?

             Why do we not have a city administrator form of government where the mayor, an
             elected, official responsible to the people, runs the government?  What we have here
             is non-elected executive branch of the city government. I expect that if you publish this,
             I will be subject to retaliation and harassment from the “boys”.  If so I will be happy to
             work for a full-scale State and Federal investigation (and/or a recall effort) of what
            appears to me to be a situation possibly rife with corruption (else why all the


            RICHARD G. LITTLE 

By the way I am a Southern White Anglo-Saxon protestant, heterosexual male.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1932, but I have been a Californian since 1956, which is longer that most people in California.  So, I believe that I speak with some knowledge on the “old boy” thing.  I just completed a Masters Degree in Public Administration at CSUSB in December of 02, and I am appalled at the executive power in the hands of non-elected civil service personnel.


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